Marketing and Customer Analytics for Crypto

On- and off-blockchain analytics for DeFi, NFT, GameFi and other DApps
What we do
We blend strengths and opportunities of Blockchain with Digital Marketing, Customer Analytics and CRM
360 Crypto Customer View
Find most profitable customers, research competitors, grow Share of Wallet
Marketing ROI
Get best customers for less ad spent, align Customer Acquisition Costs with LilfeTime Value of DeFi / DApps customers
Audit, design and Analytics to ensure your Crypto Tokenomics is balanced and working
Use Data Analytics to measure and increase Airdrops efficiency, upgrade to the next level drop mechanics
Crypto CRM
See customers behind wallets, onboard and nurture new ones, promote and stimulate promising, retain and reward profitable customers to maximize LifeTIme Value
Design, implement and Audit Crypto Loyalty programs based on Tokens, Gas, and other incentives
Add fun and competition to DeFi, utilize game mechanics to engage and retain your customers, may be combined with Loyalty Programs as well
Crypto CX/UX Audit
Go beyond crypto-savvy supermotivated early adopters and attract massive general crypto audience with easy and streamlined Customer Experience 
Antifraud Audit
Research and identify malicious or fraudulent activity, adjust process and rules 
Crypto Customer Analytics
Apply traditional Marketing and Customer Data Analytics to Crypto wallets and customers
If a building becomes architecture, then it is art
Who we are
The team is lead by two partners with solid experience in Marketing, Data Analytics and Crypto
Natalia Mironova
Crypto Analytics & Data Science

Crypto Enthusiast and DeFi practitioner, Crypto Customer & Marketing Data Analytics, Loyalty & Gas Refund

6+ years in Data Analytics with 1INCH, Yandex, Brand Mobile

Data Analytics tutor

DeFi events participant and speaker

MSc, Applied Mathematics

David Vachadze
Marketing Analytics & CRM

Serial hi-tech entrepreneur with 14+ years in Marketing Data Science and Customer Analytics, 20+ years international experience in CRM, Gamification and Loyalty with leading multinational brands in Gaming, Betting, Lottery, Telco, Consumer Goods, Crypto

Marketing Data Analytics speaker, School of Data founder and tutor

PhD, Biophysics

If a building becomes architecture, then it is art
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